Friday, July 31, 2009

day 6 efudix treatment

day 6 face is hurting abit lip is also bleeding a little and face is starting to go blotchy and red,so efudix is now starting to work.

day 5 efudix treatment

day5 and just had a shave. its now starting to hurt a little and face is getting sore.

day 4 efudix treatment

day 4 and still just abit stingy but no real difference.

day 3 efudix treatment

day 3 and starting to feel abit of stinging but still no pain

my efudix experience

day 2 and a tiny bit of tingling sensation and redness in my face but basically no change.

this is day one of using efudix fluorouracil cream 5% twice goes on easy and makes your skin feel greasy,but there is not pain felt and no change to your face.

my efudix experience

I'm creating this blog for anyone contemplating using efudix florouracil 5% cream for treating skin cancer on there face. I have started a 14 day treatment applying efudix twice daily. I will post photos daily during the 14 days and continue until my face returns to normal. I will post comments for other people to read in maybe helping them to get through this painful experience and help them recover quickly.